RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2014

Next weekend is the Big Garden Birdwatch January 25th + 26th

All you need to do is spend an hour counting the birds that visit your garden

Bird populations are a great indicator of the health of the countryside. That’s why it’s so important to take part in surveys like the Big Garden Birdwatch to keep an eye on the ups and downs of the wildlife where we live.

The more people involved, the more we can learn. So, grab a cuppa and together we can all help to give nature a home
For more info visit

To help entice any birds into your garden why don’t you check out our bird feed, feeders and habitats















with 20% off at the moment, it needn’t cost a fortune to attract some wildlife in your garden.

We also stock lots of insect and other animal habitats.

Last year i did the survey with my children and they had lots of fun.

Have a fun weekend


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