Fancy winning £150 to spend with us or a £75 gift card? Send in your product pics!

If you are a recent customer of ours you may have noticed that many of our product photos are product-only shots taken against a white background.  These were taken professionally in a studio and serve an excellent purpose, but they don’t allow potential customers to fully appreciate how the products will look in the context of their kitchen or garden.

We were thinking about getting a photographer back in to take some ‘in situe’ photographs for us this year.  But then we thought – wouldn’t it be better if the images were real?  Pictures of products actually being used by our customers in their actual garden or kitchen have got to be better than fake, mocked up ones?  And so, our Customer Photo Competition was conceived!

That’s right!  We’d like you to pretend you’re David Bailey for a moment and send us your best shots (with a short caption or quote if you like) of your Wormery, Water Butt or Composter in position in your garden or kitchen.  The best one will win a £75 one4all gift card that can be spent at over 75 different stores from Argos to Debenhams and Thomas Cook to PC World. Or alternatively £150 to spend with us!

You can email your entry to: – or post a hard copy to us at Original Organics Ltd Photo Competition, Unit 9 Langlands Business Park, Uffculme, Devon, EX15 3DA. If you have any queries, just reply to this email.

There are a few conditions :-

1) In sending us the photographs you give us full permission to use them, uncredited, in our promotional material on or offline (we will try our best to let you know if we’re going to do this so you can feel proud of your great work!). We may also use your caption or quote – if you give us one.

2) Maria, Lisa and Katy in our office will shortlist the top 10 photos for us but the final vote will take place here on our Blog – all entrants will be contacted in advance of this taking place.

2) If you’re in a really snappy mood you may submit as many images as you like but only your best one will be eligible to make it into the shortlist of 10.

4) Entries must be received by 9:00am on Monday 10th September 2012.

Remember – the best images will be bright, showing straight taps (where relevant) and a clean product with any labels / decals properly stuck down!

Happy Snapping!

Keeping your worms snug through winter!

As the winter approaches and the chill sets in, it’s time to think about how to best protect your worms through the colder months.

The Tiger worms we supply do still work through the cold weather, but their metabolic rate does slow down – and the cold makes the food waste a bit more difficult for them to get through.

Keeping your Wormery just that little bit warmer makes a difference and a few extra degrees will certainly improve the worms’ efficiency. There are a few things you can do to help with this. One of them is trying to locate the Wormery adjacent to the outer wall of a heated home – it’s surprising the difference in temperature there. Or perhaps bringing the Wormery indoors – if not in your house, how about a garage, outhouse, shed or garage? Another good idea is snugly-fitting some insulation around the outer shell of the Wormery.

An old duvet covered in a large plastic bag or some bubble-wrap or old carpet around the bin will certainly help, but for our unique range of Wormeries we do manufacture a more attractive solution in the form of purpose-made insulating jacket which is designed specifically to fit snugly – to give the worms maximum insulation. You can use it through the winter months year after year to help keep the worms happier and warmer through the cold.

And so you can benefit your pocket as well as the worms we’re currently offering a discount of 12.5% off the cost of our purpose-made jackets throughout November. As an extra special benefit, if you order by 20th November we’ll throw in an air-tight Kitchen Waste Caddy at no cost too!

To place your order today go to or call us now on 01884 841515.


Introducing Wiggo Pods – Educational Worm Composting Pod for Kids

I’m pleased to announce that our first delivery of these excellent pods, developed at Lancaster University, are now in stock.

Fascinate, amaze, entertain and educate children in a really fun way by showing them how worms make compost and how compost helps plant growth. The Wiggo Pod comes with a voucher to send off for around 20 worms. Add an Apple Core into the pod and watch as the worms turn the core into compost within a couple of weeks. Then, plant the enclosed special bean into the compost and watch it sprout into a plant with a special message!

Wiggo Plant with Message

I personally think these are wonderful products and at just £14.99 + P&P – including the worm voucher – offer very good value for money. Not that we’re thinking about Christmas already, but what an excellent Christmas idea?

Have a look on our website now!


Love ’em and Leave ’em Leaf Sacks – New and in stock now!

Probably the fastest sourcing of a new product ever! Less than a week after seeing these at Cologne’s Garden Trade Show – Spoga Gafa – we put an order in and here they are in stock as of today. They come from a Hampshire-based British company and are manufactured from 100% biodegradable loose-weave Jute in India. I knew we had to list them as soon as I saw them.

You simply collect up the leaves, bag them in the sack, throw the sack into the corner of the garden and wait. The leaves and then the bag itself will turn into nutritious compost for your garden. So easy! The jute weave bag itself lets the elements get to the leaves but keeps them collected allowing them to compost more quickly.

Available as a pack of 1, 3 or 6 – now is the perfect time to buy with autumn just around the corner!

I will certainly be getting a sack or 3 going in my garden this year.

Have a look and order now!


Snow and deliveries

Hello everyone,

Well it seems us westcountry folk haven’t quite managed to escape the snow.  I woke up this morning to a thick layer outside and a phone call from a member of staff starting the journey into the office.  I really thought we were going to get away with it!  I’m going to add some photos to our Facebook Page shortly.

Main roads in our area are accessible, but the snow is still falling.  As things stand, we expect to have our usual courier collections but for the time being all our couriers have suspended the next-day and timed delivery guarantees due to snowfall all over the country.  Even if you’re not affected, the depots and hubs that our couriers use are all experiencing delays and backlogs due to not being able to get out to much of the country for several days.

All staff have just about made it in, so calls and orders are being processed as normal.

If you’re ordering for Christmas, it’s recommended to get your order in as early as possible.  We expect normal service in terms of delivery guarantees to resume next week in most areas but who knows what’s going to happen to the weather between now and Chrimbo!  Remember, with our Wormeries we offer a Worm Voucher free of charge if you request one when you order in the comments section.  This means there is no risk to the worms of the freezing temperatures and the lucky recipient of the Wormery can claim their worms when they’re ready in the new year.

Take care on the roads, here are some tips from the BBC on driving in snow.



Worms and Delays

Good afternoon folks!

Due to the really lovely sunshine hitting our Isles at the moment, we’re holding back some worm and wormery deliveries and are accumulating a bit of a backlog.  We do apologise for this.  We don’t often have to hold back orders due to the weather being too good – after all, we are in the UK – but we do so to ensure the worms arrive in as good a condition as possible.

If you’re currently waiting for a Wormery or Worm delivery we would ask and thank you for a little extra patience at the moment.  Rest assured we’ll be working as hard as we can to get them all out and up-to-date just as soon as the weather gets a little cooler.



Parcel Force Delays

Morning people!

We have been advised by Parcel Force that there may be some delays with items sent yesterday for delivery today.  This is due to a technical fault with one of the conveyors at their Coventry hub last night.  We apologise in advance for any inconvenience if any of our deliveries are affected as a result of this.  We have been advised that some of the freight received from our local depot, Exeter, is likely to have been held up.

Delayed items will automatically be forwarded for delivery tomorrow.  If you have any concerns at all, please feel free to give us a call on 01884 841515.