Autumn has arrived… New Years Resolutions are a dim and distant past!

Do you remember last December? The cold made it so difficult to shop… either online or out on the high street. So this year I am determined to avoid this inconvenience and shop early.

If like me you have several, ‘hard to buy for’ friends and family members then may I make a few suggestions? My father was surprised and delighted to receive a wormery a couple of years ago. Not only was it an original kind of present, but one that he has enjoyed and benefited from ever since. This year he will get a winter insulation jacket to keep the worms cosy through any snowy conditions Mother Nature throws our way this year.

My mother is a keen gardener and still manages to keep herself and dad in home grown fruit and vegetables most of the year. After this year’s summer in Nottingham she was mentioning once or five times how next year she must treat herself to a water butt to save on the water bill when she has to water the garden. So….. this year a water butt will be winging its way to mum. Don’t let her know or it will ruin the surprise!

My brother is new to gardening, (better late than never), and shall be getting a wooden composter to replace the untidy pile of vegetation that is growing in a corner of his garden.

Have a browse through our website and see what original presents are there for the buying!

Christmas shopping sorted! I can look forward to missing the crowds in town and sit back with a cup of tea and leaf through my seed catalogues in readiness for next year.


Wild Bird Feed – Quality Does Matter

Bird FeedingAs organic techniques go, there can be few more rewarding than encouraging birds into your garden.  Not only do they consume plenty of pests (aphids, slugs, snails and so on), they are also a pleasure to have around.  It’s a sad fact that many of our native species are in serious decline, the main cause almost undoubtedly being habitat loss.  As towns sprawl ever outwards, disused land, green public spaces and even our gardens are snapped-up by developers (if ever a profession was misnamed!).

While the seed heads and fruits of autumn make it a bountiful season for birds, as we move towards winter the natural supply of food becomes more scarce.  This is unfortunate for birds because the falling temperatures require them to expend more energy keeping themselves warm, so it’s pretty obvious that any help from gardeners will be greatly appreciated.

Winter is a good season for watching birds however, as many bushes and trees have shed their leaves.  Hunger also makes some birds bolder – look out for robins, and for thrushes foraging on your lawn.  So what can you do to attract these useful allies?  Water is hugely important, and you should try and maintain a reliable supply of clean water in a shallow container – try putting the lid of your water butt on upside down; if it fits, top it up straight from the butt each day.

Food is also vital, and quality is a very important factor.  I have on occasion bought cheap, end of line feeds thinking ‘every little helps’, but in fact they generated little interest from the birds.  One batch, bought from a major DIY chain, was infested with meal moth grubs which proceeded to break out of the packaging and eat through most of the dry food in my kitchen cupboards!  I now stick to reliable brands, and try to buy little and often from a good supplier so I can be sure the food is fresh.  Have a look at Original Organics’ new range of Kingfisher bird feed for a little inspiration.

Until next time!

New Wormeries page

Afternoon folks,

I just thought I’d post a quick Blog to say that we’ve just changed what is probably the most important page of our website – the Wormery page – hopefully for the better!

The Wormeries page is by far the most visited page of the Original Organics website and is the page which visitors land on from search results and our online ads, so it’s very important that it is effective.  It is our primary chance to show off our excellent products, convey to visitors that we’re good people to do business with – and hopefully convert them into paying customers and Wormery owners!

The old version of the page, whilst quite informative, was very long and didn’t make it easy to compare the available options.  The aim of this exercise was to tidy it up, make the page less cluttered and easier to use – but still provide visitors with the information they’re looking for.

I’ll be monitoring how it compares to the old page very closely over the coming weeks and will undoubtedly be making the odd tweak here and there to make it even easier to use.  But I’m sure you’ll agree it is quite an improvement.

Oh… and here’s how the wormeries page looked nearly 4 years ago!

If you have any comments, as ever, please do let us know!


Worm welfare!

A short note to say that due to the rare occurrance of a ‘heatwave‘ currently sweeping the nation we have taken the decision to delay the despatch of orders for worms or Wormery Starter / DIY Kits for the moment – probably until Monday when the freak weather is likely to have disappeared.

Much better to be here in the cool than waiting in a hot van for delivery we think.  But we do apologise if it causes you any inconvenience.



The classiest kitchen compost caddies you ever did see?

As soon as I saw these classy caddies I just fell in love with them!  Apparently, yes it is possible to love a composting product this much…

You’ll see what I mean though (I hope!) :-

Clay Compost Bucket CaddyNew to Original Organics and available now from our website for the rather excellent price of £15.97! Available in Clay (pictured), String and Apple Green.

Let me know what you think.


£1 to Comic Relief for all orders this weekend

Comic Relief LogoJust a quick note to say that to support this year’s Comic Relief campaign, we’re going to be donating £1 for every order placed this weekend – whatever the order value!

Applies to orders placed via up until Midnight Sunday night.

So, if you’ve been thinking about a Wormery, Bokashi Bucket, Waterbutt, Green Cone, Compost Bin, Raised Bed or anything else from our range for a wee while – if you buy this weekend you’ll also be supporting the Red Nose total!

We’ll be totting up how much we’ve raised, including our own scrape around the office (and raid of the petty cash!) next week.



Adverse Weather Conditions

Morning everyone,

Due to the adverse weather conditions, combined with our rural location, the majority of us have unfortunately not been able to get into work so far today.  The snow is still coming down, too and we are suffering intermittent power failures.

In addition, at this time we think it very unlikely that our couriers will be able to collect from us today – unless there is a significant improvement in both weather and road conditions.  Because of this, orders may take a day or two longer to arrive than they would under usual circumstances.

We hope to resume normal service on Monday – weather permitting.

Many Thanks for your understanding.

Liam Martin