Christmas is Coming

Merry Christmas 

from Original Organics and Water Butts Direct

Tis the season to be Jolly

With Christmas season in full swing and the big day drawing ever nearer, we thought we would share some great gift ideas and also let you know about our last Delivery Dates.


Christmas Hampers

Christmas Hampers

Stuck for what to buy?  Our speciality hampers are filled with some of our most popular products to suit just about everyone on your Christmas list.  From the ‘Keen Gardener’ to the Young Naturalist, we have got a selection of products at brilliant ‘package’ prices ready to be wrapped up as Christmas gifts.


Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

Launched just a few weeks ago, we are delighted to be able to offer Gift Vouchers this Christmas.  With the option of having either an ecard or a voucher posted directly to the recipient, it couldn’t be easier to give a wonderful gift.


Winter Products

Winter Products

The Siberian Winds have already brought snow to some of the UK this week, be prepared by ordering your Snow Shovel, Grit Bin or Sledge this weekend for despatch on Monday.




Did you know……you can order a wormery with a ‘Worm Voucher’ so the live worms can be requested by the recipient after Christmas!  This means you can get a wormery delivered in good time for Christmas and the worms won’t be affected!


The Urban Composter

The Urban Composter

Kitchen waste composting with attitude and style!

For years composting was the domain of those with space and large gardens.

Then came Wormeries and Bokashi composters which opened up this vital and interesting area of recycling to many more of us.

Now we can cater for just about anyone who generates kitchen waste, no matter how small their house or flat, with the new Urban Composter.



Christmas Delivery Dates

For all those last minute shoppers out there, the last order dates for delivery before Christmas are below….watch the weather forecast though and order early if bad weather is predicted!

Standard delivery – Tuesday 18th December

Last Day for Card Vouchers – Tuesday 18th December

Express Delivery – Thursday 20th December (before 2pm)

Last date for eGift Vouchers  – Friday 21st December (midday)

Christmas Office Hours

Our Christmas opening office hours are as follows;

Open week days 9am – 5pm until Friday 21st December.

Closed for Christmas Annual Holidays: 22nd December till Monday 1st January 2013.

Open again for Business Tuesday 2nd January 2013.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Get a free Junior Wormery when you buy any 2 Wormeries!

I really can’t believe how quickly Christmas has launched itself upon us this year!

We’re running a Free Delivery promotion at the moment, which will run right up to Christmas and has been running since the end of November.  However, we’ve just launched a new, limited-time offer for those of you looking at our Wormeries.

For all customers who order any 2 Wormeries from we will now give you a Junior Wormery absolutely free.  So you could get 3 pressies for the price of 2.  Or, if you order 4 wormeries, you’ll get 2 FREE Junior Wormeries (and so on!).

Silver Junior WormeryOur Junior Wormery is absolutely excellent for kids to learn all about recycling, composting and gardening and it’s fascinating too.  It’s also a perfectly usable working Wormery (even though it’s on a smaller scale) so is suitable for single person use also.

3 Wormeries for the price of 2 and all of it delivered FREE?  Great value we think!

Have a look at our Wormeries now!

All things green: A greener Christmas?

Christmas BaublesIt’s four in the morning, the end of November. Not a cheery time to be lying awake worrying, but this morning I had good cause – I’ve realised Christmas is coming. This year at least my worries take an unusual and original form. My girlfriend and I have decided to boycott the whole thing, which means no presents, no family, no fancy meal, and hopefully no stress – just the two of us and the dog in the camper van somewhere in a wood in Norfolk. So why am I worrying? Because I can’t help feeling guilty that we’re not ‘playing along’ with the rest of the world!

Why our festive boycott, you may well ask. Well, mainly, it’s not exactly green is it? All the unwanted gifts shoved to the back of the cupboard, the packaging and transport of said gifts, the tonnes of wasted food and (call me scrooge if you will) those eye-wrenching, kilowatt-burning neon displays with which some people choose to adorn their homes! What’s more, far from being a happy family occasion, Christmas has become a time of emotional and financial stress for many of us. I would never suggest that an all-out ban is a good idea for everyone – this has the potential to be a very happy and rewarding time of year, particularly for kids. That said I do wish the public at large would stop and think before indulging themselves (and their egos) on the few shopping days they have left.

Before we ‘went the whole hog’, our household experimented with the idea of a green Christmas and it worked pretty well. The idea was that every aspect of the season be considered from an environmental perspective – in particular we were careful about the type and number of presents we bought each other.

We went so far as to prescribe four options for our seasonal generosity, which I present here for your consideration!

Option one – give the gift of time. Whether it be a couple of day’s labour on dad’s allotment, or just taking auntie for a Christmas walk, people will appreciate this kind of thoughtful effort every bit as much as they would an expensively-wrapped (but still generic) gift.

Option two – give a zero-carbon gift. This takes a little imagination, but can either take the form of a ‘real’ item (a fruit tree for the garden, credits for music or film downloads rather than a CD or DVD) or can involve a trip or excursion – perhaps a ticket to the theatre, with train fare included.

Option three – give something they need. If one of your family members is starting a new course, buy them something from the reading list. If they’re a keen gardener, offer to pay for next year’s seed order, and so on. It doesn’t take a genius to point out it’s better to receive something you really need, rather than something you would never buy for yourself.

Option four – make people think. An environmentally conscious gift (such as a wormery!) might be just the nudge some people need to make a few eco-friendly changes to their lifestyle. If friends and family are already pretty good at being green, they will value the sentiment (and the gift) all the more highly.

Paul Wagland

Free Overnight Delivery – with love from Original Organics!

NB. This offer has now ended.

We wish you a Merry Christmas,Christmas Baubles
We wish you a Merry Christmas,
We wish you a Merry Christmas,
… and a Happy New Year!

We’re pleased to unveil, for a limtied time only, our extra special Christmas Offer!

FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY on *any* order placed on our website,

It’s simple.  Order by 4pm on a working day and your order will be delivered the next working day – and we’ll pay!  It sounds crazy – it probably is… perhaps we’ve had a bit too much mulled wine!

Unfortunately, there are some restrictions on area – as our couriers cannot deliver overnig to some remote areas, but nobody will pay a delivery charge – no matter where you are in the UK!

For more information and to see the not so small print – see our website…

Be quick – this offer cannot last long!  We’re bound to see sense sometime soon.

Merry Christmas,