Introducing The CompoSphere

The CompoSphere

The CompoSphere

It’s usually exciting here at Original Organics but right now it’s particularly exciting.  I am writing this from the hotel bar where we are staying during the GLEE Trade Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham (yes, another exhibition – more on that later!).

It’s a particularly special GLEE because tomorrow we’re launching our brand new product, a brilliant new composter, The CompoSphere.

The CompoSphere is really something we think is quite special.  We’re into composting here at Original Organics you see.  In fact, we think we know a thing or two about composting and The CompoSphere is something that we have had in the making (top secret project!) for a little while – so I’m really happy that it’s ready for launch.  We now have the moulds up and running and the first batch we have run have been really quite something.

… and, because I would rather get an early night than sit up waiting until midnight to press the button, The CompoSphere is now available to buy on our website (precisely 2 hours and 56 minutes before launch day – shhh don’t tell anyone).

So, now it’s even more fun to make your own garden compost!

Night all!

Liam Martin