The danger of working next door to a chocolate factory!

I wonder if any of you caught “Willie’s Wonky Chocolate Factory” on Channel 4 recently.  One day, a few months ago, I popped up to the food trailer on our quiet little Business Park only to find a fully blown film crew marvelling over Mags (that’s the lady that runs the trailer) grating a block of 100% Cacao chocolate over her Chili-Con-Carne.  All I wanted was a Tuna & Sweetcorn baguette!

Willie\'s Chocolate Factory

What later followed was a 4-part television documentary series on a guy called Willie and his quest to make the first 100% Cacao chocolate block.  How amazing (or perhaps dangerous?!?) that his chocolate factory is just over the road from Original Organics!

I don’t profess to be the best cook (far from it!), but I wanted to try this stuff out for myself.  His product is now sold in Selfridges and Waitrose to name a couple of stores, but being from a small Devon village neither of those establishments are close by.

So, the other day I excitedly popped over to Willie’s Chocolate Factory to purchase myself some of his finest Venezuelan Black.  Strangely, though I don’t know Willie at all, I feel proudof his acheivement and I really enjoy supporting another local business – so away I came with a full case.

Inside, a gorgeous recipe for some truly scrumptious truffles and a recipe for a tasty Chocolate Cake.  Though I’m sure my worms would love both of those items, neither will manage to get anywhere near as far as going into my Wormery!

If you too were excited about the programme and want to find out more – his website is at where, I am told, you will soon be able to order online!