New Wormeries page

Afternoon folks,

I just thought I’d post a quick Blog to say that we’ve just changed what is probably the most important page of our website – the Wormery page – hopefully for the better!

The Wormeries page is by far the most visited page of the Original Organics website and is the page which visitors land on from search results and our online ads, so it’s very important that it is effective.  It is our primary chance to show off our excellent products, convey to visitors that we’re good people to do business with – and hopefully convert them into paying customers and Wormery owners!

The old version of the page, whilst quite informative, was very long and didn’t make it easy to compare the available options.  The aim of this exercise was to tidy it up, make the page less cluttered and easier to use – but still provide visitors with the information they’re looking for.

I’ll be monitoring how it compares to the old page very closely over the coming weeks and will undoubtedly be making the odd tweak here and there to make it even easier to use.  But I’m sure you’ll agree it is quite an improvement.

Oh… and here’s how the wormeries page looked nearly 4 years ago!

If you have any comments, as ever, please do let us know!


We’re now a member of Ethical Junction!

Ethical Junction MemberWe’re really pleased to confirm we’ve been accepted as a member of Ethical Junction and are now proudly displaying the membership badge on our website.

In their words :- “Ethical Junction brings together businesses and consumers who share a commitment to ethical values.” Becoming a member requires strict interrogation of our own ethical values and business practices – so being accepted proudly demonstrates our commitment to conducting our business ethically.

Amongst other things that means looking after our employees, reducing our carbon footprint, being ‘fair’ in our business practices and ensuring that there is no exploitation of workers in our supply chain.

Visit our Membership Page on the EJ Website


Remembrance Day

Just a quick note to say that all of the staff here will be given the opprtunity to observe the 2 minute silence at 11:00 tomorrow, 11th November.

During the silence we won’t be answering calls so you may have a slightly longer wait than usual if you do call us at this time (or slightly after).

You may have noticed the poppy currently on our website.  We’re all wearing our Poppy’s with pride and respect!



Come in and take a look around!

Welcome to Original Organics – I mean literally!

We’ve just rolled out a brand new page to the About Us area of our website.  Webcams!  Yes, that’s right, now you can spy on us while we’re hard at work here at Original Organics.

We do like to feel that our customers and us are one big happy family (cheesy I know!) and we strive to be plain and transparent about everything we do – so please excuse the mess!

The cameras cover our main office, part of our production and despatch area and our “mission control” office which is where Paul L and I work hard all day to make sure our website and our service is the best out there.

So, come on in and take a look around.

Please do let us know what you think!

And the leaves that are green… turn to brown

(with apologies to Paul and Art)

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Well as the rather disappointing wet and wintery Summer edges into Autumn, the season may just be catching up with the weather!

Here in rural Devon the harvest is almost in and the maize is as high (as it is allegedly in Oklahoma) as an Elephants eye.  But the harvest I am looking forward to is plentiful organic, soil enriching and although not edible it is free.

In fact as is sadly often the case with what is plentiful and free it is so often ignored, neglected, wasted and unwanted by so many.  My free harvest that is simply leaves, leaves from the millions of deciduous trees which enhance our lovely island.  For with but a modican of knowledge, minimum effort and some patience nature will turn your lawn rakings, boarder clean up and path sweepings into a rather magical and special compost known as leafmould.

Turning one mans problematic waste into a truly excellent natural and organic soil enricher and conditioner arguably better, and certainly more environmentally friendly, than peat is but a small chore  and if like me you love getting down to earth in the garden then it is rather fun!

Turning your pile of leaves into leafmould is simple.  Firstly decide upon your container.  This will depend upon the quantity you have at your disposal.  A couple of large black dustbin bags with a few holes punched in them will suffice for the odd wheelbarrow load.  For larger quantities a few wooden sticks with chicken wire attached can cope with just about all you’ve got.  Proprietary leafmould makers are, of course, available on line from quality websites……..OK enough said.

I’ve written a guide to getting the best leafmould possible and was going to post it here – but Liam thought it was good enough to go on the main website so I’ll post a link to it instead :-

How to make great leafmould at home


Clive Roberts

Welcoming Paul Lashbrook

Paul Lashbrook

Paul's Desk

A warm welcome to Paul Lashbrook to Original Organics, who has joined us this week as a Web / Software Developer.  Paul will be completely redeveloping all our internal systems, building them from the ground up to make us a lot more efficient.  Order processing will be streamlined and a lot of time will be saved in our office as we will be automating some boring manual tasks – freeing up our office staff to do what they do best – help our customers!

Paul will also be developing some improved features for our website that should make the entire customer experience ordering from us, dealing with us and finding help more enjoyable and easier than ever before!

If you have any ideas for our website please feel free to drop us a comment below 🙂