Snow and deliveries

Hello everyone,

Well it seems us westcountry folk haven’t quite managed to escape the snow.  I woke up this morning to a thick layer outside and a phone call from a member of staff starting the journey into the office.  I really thought we were going to get away with it!  I’m going to add some photos to our Facebook Page shortly.

Main roads in our area are accessible, but the snow is still falling.  As things stand, we expect to have our usual courier collections but for the time being all our couriers have suspended the next-day and timed delivery guarantees due to snowfall all over the country.  Even if you’re not affected, the depots and hubs that our couriers use are all experiencing delays and backlogs due to not being able to get out to much of the country for several days.

All staff have just about made it in, so calls and orders are being processed as normal.

If you’re ordering for Christmas, it’s recommended to get your order in as early as possible.  We expect normal service in terms of delivery guarantees to resume next week in most areas but who knows what’s going to happen to the weather between now and Chrimbo!  Remember, with our Wormeries we offer a Worm Voucher free of charge if you request one when you order in the comments section.  This means there is no risk to the worms of the freezing temperatures and the lucky recipient of the Wormery can claim their worms when they’re ready in the new year.

Take care on the roads, here are some tips from the BBC on driving in snow.



Get a free Junior Wormery when you buy any 2 Wormeries!

I really can’t believe how quickly Christmas has launched itself upon us this year!

We’re running a Free Delivery promotion at the moment, which will run right up to Christmas and has been running since the end of November.  However, we’ve just launched a new, limited-time offer for those of you looking at our Wormeries.

For all customers who order any 2 Wormeries from we will now give you a Junior Wormery absolutely free.  So you could get 3 pressies for the price of 2.  Or, if you order 4 wormeries, you’ll get 2 FREE Junior Wormeries (and so on!).

Silver Junior WormeryOur Junior Wormery is absolutely excellent for kids to learn all about recycling, composting and gardening and it’s fascinating too.  It’s also a perfectly usable working Wormery (even though it’s on a smaller scale) so is suitable for single person use also.

3 Wormeries for the price of 2 and all of it delivered FREE?  Great value we think!

Have a look at our Wormeries now!

New Wormeries page

Afternoon folks,

I just thought I’d post a quick Blog to say that we’ve just changed what is probably the most important page of our website – the Wormery page – hopefully for the better!

The Wormeries page is by far the most visited page of the Original Organics website and is the page which visitors land on from search results and our online ads, so it’s very important that it is effective.  It is our primary chance to show off our excellent products, convey to visitors that we’re good people to do business with – and hopefully convert them into paying customers and Wormery owners!

The old version of the page, whilst quite informative, was very long and didn’t make it easy to compare the available options.  The aim of this exercise was to tidy it up, make the page less cluttered and easier to use – but still provide visitors with the information they’re looking for.

I’ll be monitoring how it compares to the old page very closely over the coming weeks and will undoubtedly be making the odd tweak here and there to make it even easier to use.  But I’m sure you’ll agree it is quite an improvement.

Oh… and here’s how the wormeries page looked nearly 4 years ago!

If you have any comments, as ever, please do let us know!


The classiest kitchen compost caddies you ever did see?

As soon as I saw these classy caddies I just fell in love with them!  Apparently, yes it is possible to love a composting product this much…

You’ll see what I mean though (I hope!) :-

Clay Compost Bucket CaddyNew to Original Organics and available now from our website for the rather excellent price of £15.97! Available in Clay (pictured), String and Apple Green.

Let me know what you think.


VAT Reduction – we’ve dropped our prices!

MoneyThere probably aren’t that many people that are yet to hear the news that Alistair Darling, Chancellor of the Exchequer, yesterday announced that the rate of VAT is to be reduced in an effort to stimulate our economy.

From Monday 1st December, the official standard VAT rate will be 15%, down from 17.5%.  It will remain at this level for 13 months until the end of 2009.

I personally welcome the move – even though it is causing me a mini logistical nightmare altering all our prices!  It is, of course, the duty of any ethically-minded company to pass this saving on to the consumer.  Every penny discount helps for consumers and small businesses in my view.

However, to ensure that customers are not disadvantaged if they wish to buy now, we’ve actually dropped our prices this morning to reflect the discount ahead of the official changeover date next Monday.  Though the price has been reduced, the VAT portion of the price will remain at 17.5% officially until Monday – but we will be taking that hit between now and then so that customers can benefit from the reduction immediately.

The reduction takes, for example, £2.13 off the price of our Deluxe Original Wormery Kit.  It gives a discount of £2.34 off of the Deluxe Worm Works 4-Tray Wormery Kit.  It also brings our standard P&P charge down from £5.95 to £5.82.

So – order from Original Organics and help save the environment and your bank balance at the same time! Our wormeries do make the bestest, most fascinating, christmas pressies after all!!

As ever – any questions, ideas or queries – get in touch!


Dressing up for Children in Need!

Dressed up for Childen in Need!

Dressed up for Childen in Need!

pudseyWell, if you were to check out the webcams today, you might just be in for a surprise.  Maria and Caren are currently dressed as Nuns, I am a fairy (with fairy wings, a tu-tu and a tiara!) and Paul is an evil doctor!!! Mwah ha ha ha…

It’s all in aid of Children in Need 2008.  We’re trying to raise as much as possible by pestering each other (and the boss!).  On top of this, I will be personally donating an extra pound for every Wormery sold today!

pudsey21 pudsey31

Oh my… I need to work on that beer belly!!!

Why not have a look and see if you can spot us?


Re-launching the Wormery Forum!

99Late last year we launched the first incarnation of our Worm Forum – with an aim to gather a community of Wormery users (including ourselves of course!) and offer help, support and advice to those with questions or problems about / with any of our products (or just Wormeries / Composting in general).

Our intentions were simple.  To promote recycling wherever possible and the benefits environmentally of composting food waste rather than letting it go to landfill.

Unfortunately, pretty quickly the site turned into nothing more than a platform for anonymous complaints slamming our apparent ‘poor service’ and ‘inferior quality products’.  Posts which, we strongly suspect, were made by 1 or 2 of our smaller competitors.  The posts were made through anonymous proxies which hide the true online identity of the source computer / network and there wasn’t a single case where we able to actually identify that these posts came from genuine customers.  There was no trace of an order for any of them and we identified similarities in the writing style of many of the posts.

Because of this, we spent almost all our time trying to help people who didn’t really exist or who weren’t really using one of our products – so we were forced to take the forum offline earlier this year.

It was a shame that we lost what we had hoped could be a very valuable community resource, so on relaunching our website recently we thought we would give it another go.  So, as of today the wormery forum is back – in its new form.

If you have any questions at all about Wormeries / Composting or about any of our products – we would love to hear them.  Or, if you have one of our products and it’s not working as it should – come and let us know and we’ll do our best to help!  That is – if you actually are using one of our products!!

We would be happy to hear from you – so come on in!